Why Am I Not Getting Instagram Followers?

As Instagram has evolved, more users are putting efforts to increase the follower counts but with time they realize that it’s not easy to expand followers of Instagram. You probably are one of them and wondering “why am I not getting Instagram followers.” Maybe you are not posting your content in the right way. Below are mentioned the possible reasons why you are not getting Instagram followers.

  1. Not Engaging Enough

Do you even react or reply to the comments of your followers? It’s a key to building your relationship with your fans. As an Insta user, you might be just focusing on your content and less on engagement. It’s important to react to your followers’ comments because if you ignore them they are not going to keep doing it. Allocate at least 10 to 20 minutes every day to reply and react to the comments you received on your posts.

  2. Not Consistent

Being consistent plays a major role in reaching more people and building trust and brand authority. If you do not post frequently, your followers will think you are not serious about Instagram and you will eventually lose support from your Followers. The reason behind the success of successful brands on Instagram is that they maintain consistency when it comes to posting their content on Instagram.

  3. Not Putting The Right Caption

Captions are not something that you should treat as an afterthought. A fitting caption can help you push your post over the edge and attract new followers. Add an entertaining or informative caption to your post, preferably both. Sometimes writing jokes or inspiring stories would also work. If your captions resonate in the right way, you will start seeing an increase in your follower counts.

  4. Not Using The Right Hashtags

The reason why you are not getting Instagram followers could be not using the right hashtags in your posts. The right combination of hashtags always helps reach new audiences. Users searching for relevant content are not likely to see your posts when you don’t put hashtags in your posts. You can use up to 30 hashtags in a post. Take advantage of that and use hashtags relevant to your post.

  5. Your Profile is Not Optimized

Only an optimized profile attracts more and more audiences. Maybe your Instagram profile is not optimized properly and that’s why your Instagram followers are not increasing. Your Instagram profile tells who you are and what you do. Be specific putting your personal information on your profile.

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