What that means for the restaurant industry and how businesses can stay ahead of the wave

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What do the lifting of mask mandates, the elimination of capacity limits and the echoing calls for “going back to normal” mean for restaurant operators?

That’s a question restaurant owners around the globe are asking themselves right now.

While it’s impossible to predict exact numbers or future changes, operators can, for now, count on a return to something resembling the normalcy they had before March of 2020 brought the world to a standstill.

However, there’s no going back in time. At least, not completely. Regardless of governmental policy, many people have adopted new ways of life and new expectations for public behavior. For these cautious folks, health and safety concerns will likely drive a continuing shift toward staying contactless.

Expect continuing increases in contactless digital customer payment and employee payout methods.

Like it or not, the world changed when COVID began to spread. Quite the opposite of “going back to normal,” in the case of contactless financial transactions, the changes are likely to accelerate.

Visa reports an extra 400 million contactless digital payments in less than a year, and they expect the global trend to become even stronger.

Employee payouts follow a similar trend, with many workers now expressing a strong preference for digital tipping, automatic deposits and pay cards – essentially, anything that means they don’t have to touch cash or paper checks anymore.

Stay ahead of the hiring boom and gain a competitive edge.

March 2021 brought a massive rebound in restaurant sales to almost pre-COVID levels. This is great news for operators fearing that their dining room would be a ghost town for years to come, but slightly more daunting news for those who suddenly need to boost their employee roster to pre-COVID levels as well.

Whether they’ve managed to keep their doors open throughout the pandemic or their restaurant is still awaiting its grand reopening, operators are about to enter a new phase. Restaurants and other hospitality services across the country are reopening or widening their scope en masse, which means competition is getting fierce when it comes to hiring and retaining talented, dedicated workers.

As with most foreseeable shakeups, the key to any operator’s success is to ride in front of the wave, not scramble to catch up from behind.

Offering same-day pay, along with the transparency, convenience and financial security that comes along with it, reminds restaurant employees that the company is a great place to work and that their best interests are prioritized as they move forward with the business. When top restaurants compete for in-demand workers, this competitive edge could make all the difference.

Choose software that helps accomplish these goals.

The platform offered by Gratuity Solutions allows operators to effortlessly set their employees up with same-day, contactless payouts. Better still, restaurants can accomplish this and more automatically, which will actually simplify accounting processes and offer a return on the investment, as opposed to costing extra.

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