Small-Business Financial Monitoring Startup, Aryes, Announces Official Launch With Actor and Standup Comedian, Aries Spears, as Company Face

Celebrity tech investor Spears joins hands with Aryes to help small business retail owners increase efficiency and maximize profitability using Daily Profit Guide

PASADENA, Calif., July 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Aryes ( announced comedian Aries Spears would serve as the new company ambassador, helping promote the overarching mission to prevent over 100,000 small businesses from closing. Providing simplified but in-depth financial information, Aryes is a free plugin that delivers personalized, up-to-date financial help based on a few key business metrics. The Daily Profit Guide offers snapshots of a company’s financial progress, helping illuminate a clear path toward company profitability and success. Businesses can receive their first Daily Profit Guide in seconds, simply by texting “Hello” to 818-806-6070 and adding their bank and POS.

“We are excited to have legendary comedian, Aries Spears, as the face of our company,” said Edward Bullard, Aryes CEO. “Known for his unconventional humor in the popular sketch television comedy series ‘MADtv’ along with his roles in top-rated films such as ‘Jerry McGuire’ and ‘The Pest,’ Aries believes that technology’s role in helping businesses flourish is no joke, which is exactly why he partnered with us. Small businesses have limited resources, with most of them being run and managed by the owners themselves. So we believe that it is our social responsibility to give back to the brick-and-mortar businesses that are the bedrock of our local economy. At Aryes, we do the calculations and validate the numbers that matter, giving business owners the freedom to focus on the most important aspect of their work: keeping their customers happy.”

Aryes sends up-to-date projections, cash flow, sales and new customer data without the need for any data entry. Ensuring that all financial accounts of a business are automated together into an easy-to-read guide, business owners can schedule Daily Profit Guides at any time and day they choose. Information provided in the guide includes: Sales, Cash Flow, Projections, New Customers, Top Selling Items, Accounts Receivable, Balances, and Transactions.

Secure and safe to use, the encrypted financial information provided in the Daily Profit Guides can only be accessed by business owners using their smartphone. Individual passwords are securely protected as businesses login directly with their providers, who then give Aryes a monitored key to aggregate the data. Financial reports can only be accessed or shared from the smartphone that requested the data.


The Aryes vision is simple: “No App, No Passwords, Just Profits.” Aryes is the ultimate solution to keeping business owners on financial track, delivering daily text snapshots on how their business is doing and providing a full financial guide to show a clear path to profitability. Learn more at:

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CEO – Edward Bullard, (770) 722-1924; [email protected]
CFO – Dan Davidson, (909) 816-3460; [email protected]


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