Pueblo’s Vac Shoppe is a throwback business that keeps surviving

A Pueblo business that just turned 40 has managed to survive two major economic downturns, a global pandemic and the popularity of Walmart and Amazon to keep its doors open. 

Wolfgang Heyn, also known as Johnny West from his younger country music entertaining days, celebrates the 40th anniversary of The Vac Shoppe, 3307 N. Elizabeth St., this year. Even he admits he is surprised he’s lasted this long. 

Yet on a recent afternoon, Heyn showed exactly why his throwback business — based on fixing things rather than throwing them away and buying new — continues to prevail. He had one customer with a clogged vacuum which he pledged to have fixed the very next day. 

Repairs are done quickly in Heyn’s Pueblo shop

“I pride myself on doing the job within 24 hours even if I have to stay until midnight to get it done,” Heyn said.  

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