Legendary Entrepreneur, Ahmed “G Money” Alomari, on 7 Critical Aspects of a Business Plan First-Time Founders Overlook

Ahmed “G Money” Alomari

By Ahmed “G Money” Alomari

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, July 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — First-time founders of companies are some of the most highly motivated people out there. Most are hyper-focused on succeeding and have big ambitions for their business. Some new founders may overlook critical aspects of their business plan, however, which could result in issues that are difficult to resolve later.

Here, I share important things first-time founders commonly forget to include in their business plans. Knowing what these elements are in advance can help them ensure their plans are solid and thorough.

1. A Roadmap Of The Journey Ahead

Attracting and retaining the right people is vital. In order to do so, first-time founders must have an engaging story that communicates their purpose, their vision for the project and what the roadmap looks like for the journey ahead. The best talent, partners, investors and clients all want to connect, understand and feel that they are a part of the journey. It’s all about hearts and minds.

2. An Appropriate Marketing Budget

Dedicate an appropriate amount to the marketing budget in your business plan. Embracing the idea that you can sufficiently market your business using only “free” and/or social media resources is often a big mistake.

3. A Clear Definition Of The Customer Base

They often forget to do the work to define who their customers are and what those customers’ needs, pain points and problems to solve are. Sure, they often give that lip service, but have they truly done the research and the listening required to address the problems the business will solve for customers? I’ve witnessed too often that they are finding customers for products, not products for customers.

4. Needed Investments In Skill Development

Often, first-time founders forget to include the very crucial investments they need to make in their growth mindset, communication skills and leadership strategies in their business plan. Because business plans are designed to focus mostly on the tangible parts of the business, skill development is an easy miss. And ironically, investing in the intangibles always brings in the highest ROI.

5. Detailed Marketing And Sales Strategies

Optimistic sales growth expectations without detailed, “how-to” marketing and sales execution strategies and tactics can derail the best business plan. Don’t just look at multiple revenue scenarios, but dive deeper into the assumptions that drive your revenue projections. Assess the resources allocated to meeting your targets. Understand the correlation between the two to give credence to your plan.

6. Reasons Why Investors Should Invest

Usually, founders creating business plans attempt to be as comprehensive as possible. One thing I often see them miss is the “why” at the end—why investors should invest in them. Incorporate a summation of the numbers, the culture, the project, the market niche, the growth potential, how nimble management can be and so on, into a simple, cogent and compelling summary.

7. A Call To Action For Investors

A call to action at the end of the presentation is better than a “thank you” slide. Ending on an ask allows the founder to perhaps ask for another meeting, ask the attendees to do additional research on their own, or ask about other investors who might be interested. After you have created awareness for your new startup idea, give the investors a key task to work on in order to keep them interested.


Ahmed Alomari


Ahmed Alomari is an American entrepreneur known as one of the most sought after social media marketing and Investment consultants in the online business community. The reason is simple, Ahmed produces RESULTS. Clients work with Ahmed because he’s different than the “other” guys. Over the years Mr. Alomari have been fortunate to build FOUR 7 figure online businesses from home while simultaneously raising 6 kids.

Known for being a social media mastermind, Ahmed also known as G Money on social media has racked up millions of followers across social networks. In 2015 he built one of the largest influencer social media networks in the World and an Alexa top 10,000 website that produced 45m visits + and 120m page views monthly. The company sold for an undisclosed sum in 2016 to Whip Networks. Ahmed moved on to build his 7 figure consulting company Anythings Possible. If you are an online business owner Ahmed is an expert at helping you scale your business and find more customers.

Ahmed has worked closely with dozens of online celebrity influencers and has assisted hundreds of clients in achieving their business goals selling millions of dollars of products and services.

Ahmed says, “I have assisted countless entrepreneurs achieve financial freedom through their businesses and investment strategies. A former pizza delivery driver I am humbled to have gone from $5 dollar tips to $5 million in profits in just my first 3 years of entrepreneurship and exponentially since then. I’m the man behind the G Money facebook buzz and the viral websites getting millions of viewers per day. My dreams have come true and now my dream is to help others achieve the same success. Where working hard, working smart and proper business planning intersect “Anything Is Possible.”

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