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Brown Edwards

Brown Edwards has sold its building in South Roanoke and plans to move into a new space next year.

Brown Edwards, the Roanoke-based accounting firm, has sold its building in south Roanoke and plans to move into a new space next year.

John Aldridge, a partner at Brown Edwards, said as the company has grown, it has needed more space, especially for parking. The building on McClanahan Street cannot house all employees; Brown Edwards is also renting space in the Wells Fargo bank beside it.

“We’re just kind of busting at the seams and having a hard time finding parking in this area,” he said.

Though its existing office has already sold — it was purchased by ETS Recruit for $2.3 million, according to a news release from the commercial real estate firms involved in the transaction, Hall Associates and Poe & Cronk — Aldridge said Brown Edwards will stay there until the move, which is expected to take place in May 2022.

Brown Edwards plans to relocate to an office park off Electric Road in Roanoke County, where Aldridge said its employees will be housed in two buildings. While the firm probably could have moved earlier, Aldridge said it wanted to avoid delays that might leave Brown Edwards without a home in the middle of tax season.

The footprint of the new office is not dramatically bigger than the current one, Aldridge said, but more people will have window offices, rather than cubicles. The new property does, however, offer significantly more parking.

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