Alibaba preps new Philippines data centre amid $1B APAC investment

Credit: Alibaba

Alibaba Cloud plans to launch its first data centre in the Philippines by the end of this year, as the Chinese vendor pledges US$1 billion in funding over three years to help boost tech and start-up talent across Asia Pacific (APAC).

The proposed Philippines data centre will offer local businesses a variety of products and services, including the company’s elastic compute service (ECS), database, global network solution, content delivery network (CDN) and storage services.  

Alibaba Cloud said the investment was the latest in its growing commitment to the country, focusing on the banking, fintech, retail, logistics and education sectors, among others. 

Meanwhile, in Malaysia, Alibaba Cloud plans to build its first international innovation centre. In collaboration with local partner Handsprofit, the company plans to offer a one-stop innovation enablement platform for Malaysian small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), startups and developers.

The company said that various cloud technology and business leadership training would be offered through the platform, as well as the nurturing of an ecosystem for venture capital networking. 

At the same time, the company is in the midst of launching its third data centre in Indonesia, serving customers with offerings across database, security, network, machine learning and data analytics services. Alibaba Cloud opened its second data centre in the country in early 2019.  

According to Alibaba Cloud, the additional facility will allow the company to better support local businesses interested in adopting cloud technology and advance Indonesia’s push for a digital society.  

Alibaba Cloud now operates 75 availability zones in 24 regions around the world. 

News of the new data centres and international innovation centre come as Alibaba Group launches its Project AsiaForward initiative, with an initial US$1 billion in funding and resources to cultivate what it hopes will be “a million person-strong digital talent pool”. 

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