8 quick ways to finance your business

Are you looking to set up a business? Do you have a sales niche but just don’t have the funds to pull it off? Startups offer a great avenue to earn some revenue. However, setting up shop can be considerably expensive.

Aside from stock costs, you will need to set up physical and/or virtual store for your commodities to make your sales. You will still need to invest in certain assets to provide quality services too. These costs combine with operating and miscellaneous expenses to make running a business hard work.

If you do not have a healthy amount in your savings account, startups can be hard to start up. Finding the finances can be tough for most people. We explore the 8 best ways to raise some capital quickly to turn your business idea into a business.


If you are unable to get a loan quickly or do not have a great credit score, factoring can help you raise emergency funds quickly. This financing method involves selling your receivables at a discounted rate to raise capital. Factoring is one of the quickest methods available, but it can prove more costly than other methods featured.

Getting a bank loan

If you have a decent enough credit score, a bank loan could come in handy. Banks offer some value for financing since they can provide large injections of funds. That said, banks will not offer businesses startup capital as easily as they might loan businesses that are already running. You need to have a great credit score and meet various qualifications to get approved for this type of financing.

Using a credit card loan

A credit card loan can be approved very quickly. This makes it an ideal option for financing. It also offers other perks, including enhanced credit capacity and the potential for a better credit score. However, the plan is very risky. You need to clear your credit card loans on time every time to enjoy these benefits. The cards can attract lasting consequences on your credit score and affect your ability to access any other type of loan.

Tap into existing 401(k) plans

Do you have a retirement fund? If you do, you could tap into your 401(k) fund to generate the badly needed investment. You will be investing in your business directly, and can filter the benefits back into your savings upon successful operation.


Crowdfunding sites offer people with business ideas the perfect audience to draw some funding. It starts with a set target and period of time through which you save money for your business. A friend or family member then asks the crowdfunding site to help pledge the rest of the amount. Crowdfunding can be pretty tough for most, and is not an ideal long-term solution.

Look for angel investors

Angel investors are wealthy persons interested in financing business ideas. They will usually help to get the ball rolling by providing initial capital and cover operational expenses. Over time they will amend for investment by collecting a percentage of revenue until they are successfully paid off. Angel investors can be tough to find, but interaction with peers and searching on the internet can help reduce the odds.

Getting a micro loan

A micro loan will usually attract lesser restrictions and checks than a regular loan. This small boost from commercial banks, micro lenders or the people around you can help get your idea active. Micro loans are easier to secure, can be paid off quickly and they usually feature a small interest rate.

Apply for a government grant

You can apply for a grant from the government, or certain companies to set up your business. There are several grant options giving support to business owners. Some will feature specific restrictions and expectations while others may allow more freedom. Either option will provide a quick revenue source with no debt potential. You can apply for government grants through specific process to enjoy financing your brand.

Final word

Accessing funds for your business idea can be tough in the short term and potentially expensive in the long term. You could consider these methods to access the money you need. Remember to weigh the precautions involved to find the best way for your financing needs.


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