Independent insurance organization Quantum Assurance International has announced a partnership with Cover Whale Insurance Solutions, an insurtech that specializes in trucking insurance. “With a focus on the ease of doing business, direct quoting, automation, and countless benefits focused on preventing losses, this partnership with Cover Whale Insurance is an exciting […]

Home insurance company Hippo has announced the expansion of its technology, product and marketing operations with the opening of its first international office. The new office will be located in Tel Aviv, Israel, a global technology hub, and will be a center of innovation for the company. The new office […]

Investing is easy, right? Just buy low and sell high, and there’s your fortune. That’s how the stock market would work in a perfect world, where there is no friction and you can assume that every cow is a perfect sphere. In the real world, even the best investments often […]

Check out what’s clicking on North America’s largest wholesale food distributor, Sysco, has had to delay or pause service to a “limited number of customers” in various locations around the country due to unprecedented labor shortages.  To combat the issue, the company is “aggressively recruiting delivery partners and warehouse […]

If you start a new company or find opportunities to expand an existing one, a business plan is a helpful tool to inform your decisions and guide the business growth. This directs all aspects of the business, including marketing, financing and products or services. It is tempting for business owners […]

A business plan outlines managerial objectives and promotes businesses at any given time. When you draft a business plan, you must clarify each step and position the business in all directions, thereby preparing for growth and possible expansion. There is, however, an argument that has arisen on whether it is […]